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Wireless that Stops at Nothing!

Introducing the NEW Wireless Technology of the Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System: VaiNet.

  • Powerful signal strength and penetration through thick concrete and metal constructions
  • Proprietary network maintains integrity around other wireless devices and networks
  • Wireless connection is self-healing with automatic recovery and data backfill
  • Signal travels 100+ meters, further in unobstructed environments

Learn more about this new wireless technology, watch the webinar and download the Application Note:

VaiNet Application Note VaiNet Webinar

Brochure (PDF)
See our current Wi-Fi data loggers for wireless monitoring. The VaiNet technology is limited to the following regions: Europe, North America, China, Australia and New Zealand. Other regions require different Vaisala devices to support wireless monitoring with viewLinc. Contact your local sales representative to learn which device options will be available in your region.
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