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Monitoring Devices: Data Loggers & Transmitters, Multiple Parameters

The Vaisala viewLinc Monitoring System can integrate multiple data loggers and transmitters to monitor almost any parameter with devices that output 4…20mA, 0…5V, 0…10V, thermocouple (mV) or dry contact (Boolean). This range of data loggers results in unmatched agility in industrial monitoring. The viewLinc monitoring system scales easily — from one or two temperature/humidity loggers to thousands of monitored locations. The system is flexible, allowing you to network data loggers with any combination of connectivity options, including: Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, WiFi, and Vaisala’s proprietary wireless technology: VaiNet.

Device Selector

Temperature + RH
Other Inputs & Parameters

Wide Selection, Fit for Purpose

  • Wall, duct, remote probe mounting capabilities with wired or wireless connectivity
  • Temperature measurements from -90°C to 180°C and humidity measurements to 100%RH
  • Dew point measurements from vacuum to 100 bars; ambient to -80°C dew point
  • Differential pressure sensors for single point monitoring and multiple zone applications using customized panels
  • CO2 measurement from 0 to 20% for DCV and safety applications
  • Intrinsically safe options for hazardous/explosive areas. Compliant with VTT (CENELEC, Europe), FM (USA), CSA (Canada), TIIS (Japan), and PCEC (China), VTT (IECEx)

Brochure (PDF)

The VaiNet wireless technology is available in the following regions: Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Other regions require other Vaisala devices for wireless monitoring with viewLinc. Contact your local sales representative to learn about the monitoring devices available in your area.

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